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My Lost Fantasy
Welcome to my tumblr! My name is Paula, but just call me Haiame or Tegorin :3 I'm a 17-year-old brazilian, and I love Jrock, Jpop, Kpop, Cpop, Lolita and others japanese street fashions <3
I want to study English, but I don’t want to study English!
—Yuzuru Hanyu (via yuzurugifs)
Jinguji: Iwahashi is the only one who calls me PUU-chan.
Genki: That's good.
Jinguji: What, are you going to put a ban on other people calling me that?
Genki: Fans shouldn't say it either! Since PUU-chan is a nickname I came up with, it's normal that I should be the only one saying it!
Jinguji: Is that so...

Emetullah Rabia Gülnuş Sultan (Evmenia Vergitzi) (1642-1715), the Greek wife of Sultan Mehmed IV and mother of Mustafa II and Ahmed III.